BRENT DUNBAR | Managing Director

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) 2002

Brent’s life has more or less revolved around shipbuilding and the ocean from a very young age. Starting as a deckhand and trades assistant on the workshop floor, he learnt the practical side of ship building and operation until 2002 when after graduating University took on the role of technical and sales at director at SBF Shipbuilders. Brent was responsible for designing and delivering specialised aluminium vessels locally and globally until establishing the design dedicated SBF Marine Solutions in 2013.


SBF Marine Solutions have extensive experience with many different vessel types and designs. This gives us the ability to offer the operator the best design outcome and vessel for the operation and not be influenced by a particular style of vessel that is not suitable for the job. The initial financial benefits of designing a vessel that is the smallest, cheapest or easiest to build are quickly offset during operation and it is SBF Marine Solutions commitment to deliver a product that will be efficient, comfortable and safe.

Naval architecture by SBF Marine Solutions