Working closely with the client, SBF Marine Solutions will develop the concept design to best achieve the required operational outcomes. Beginning with the operational analysis, SBF Marine Solutions will study the following parameters:

  • Prevailing weather conditions
  • Route length or Operation duration
  • Passenger and crew comfort and safety
  • Maintenance and service ability
  • Operating budget


Based on the outcome of this analysis SBF Marine Solutions in consultation with the client propose the best solution for the operation in terms of vessel type i.e. Monohull, Catamaran, planning, displacement etc., and vessel size and propulsion type. The conceptual and preliminary design will then be presented based on the following package:

  • Hull-form design, development and optimisation
  • General arrangement
  • Visualisation
  • Weight estimation
  • Preliminary stability analysis
  • Powering and performance prediction
  • Brief specification
Ship Concept Design
Naval architecture by SBF Marine Solutions