SBF Marine Solutions creates modern leisure vessels that are luxurious and keep you safely afloat no matter what the weather brings. Private motor yachts and tenders to take you and your passengers to shore and back—we cover them all. For those with discerning tastes who want a safe, dependable pleasure craft, we can custom-design one to your exact expectations.


We start with a meeting between you and the design team. Tell us what features you want. Do you plan to use it in your business, or is it mainly for pleasure? Do you want enough room to entertain and house guests on your yacht? How many passengers do you need the leisure boat to hold? What amenities do you want to include? All these factors go into our bespoke design to create a leisure vessel that meets your every need.




Safety factors in as our top priority when we design leisure vessels. With our engineers’ extensive experience in naval architecture, we design our crafts from the inside out with protection against all the hazards that a vessel can encounter.




A leisure vessel represents a considerable investment by its owner. For that reason, we build our boats to last. Our experience building commercial boats that experience heavy use gives us the know-how to design leisure vessels with that same durability enjoyed by our sturdy ferries.




We never scrimp when it comes to luxury. High-end fitouts, amenities like air conditioning and Internet capability—all are possible with our bespoke designs. Our goal is to give our customers the finest vessel for their money—a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly design that can take them anywhere they want to go.

To open a conversation with our design team about a bespoke leisure vessel for you or your company, contact SBF Marine Solutions today.

Naval architecture by SBF Marine Solutions