Companies worldwide depend on us for work boats that complete their daily tasks with efficiency and ease. Reliability is key especially when operating in remote locations. Our robust designs are aimed at minimizing expensive down time while maximizing safety and efficiency. If your company needs a work boat to tackle the toughest jobs, it’s time to sit down with the design team at SBF to see what they can offer. To request a consultation, contact SBF today.

SBF has designed a broad range of vessels to meet a variety of needs, including:


Our offshore vessels get crews to their destination swiftly and safely, yet are extremely fuel-efficient.

With years of experience in the marine engineering, shipbuilding, and marine design fields, the design team at SBF Marine Solutions can provide your company with crew transfer boats that feature the latest advancements in technology, saving your company costs on maintenance and fuel.

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These hard-working boats often have to do many diverse tasks. We pride ourselves in delivering versatile utility vessel designs that reliably complete a range of sophisticated tasks day in day out, while keeping their hard-working crews comfortable and safe. Large, well organized work decks are standard combined with excellent load carrying capacity. We invest large amounts of time to deliver clever solutions to ensure the boat will maintain exceptional trim and heel while its loads and cargoes constantly vary.

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SBF Marine facilitate wind farm vessels design to support offshore crew, commuting and transfers. Using advanced design engineering skills, each wind farm vessel is custom designed to suit specific requirements. As well as initial concept and preliminary design, SBF also offer construction support, modification and client representation.

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SBF Marine Solutions designs state-of-the-art pilot boats that can withstand whatever nature can throw at them. We provide pilots with a comfortable, smooth ride and give them a safe platform on which they can board.

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Naval architecture by SBF Marine Solutions