Defence Vessel Design requires attention to detail to make the difference when designing a boat for rescue and defence operations. The vessel must operate seamlessly, even during the most challenging conditions so their specialized crews can execute their duties swiftly and safely. Our proven hulls are designed to ensure excellent sea-keeping properties, no matter what the weather conditions. Modern equipment and systems are incorporated early in the design stage for a seamless delivery and ongoing dependable operation.

We can customise our design to suit your organisation’s exact requirements. Based on your specific requirements we will provide a design that will do the job no matter what the conditions. To chat with our design team about what kind of vessel your organisation needs, contact our office today.

SBF has designed a broad range of vessels to meet a variety of needs, including:

Security Vessel Design

Our Security boats are fast, functional and comfortable. Designed to keep their crews safe in an unpredictable environment requiring ultra-fast response times.

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Patrol Vessel Designs Search, Rescue & Offshore Patrol

Our offshore patrol vessel designs are seaworthy, fast and rugged enough to stand up under the abuse that they often have to endure. Our Patrol vessels have to respond no matter what the weather and are characterized by their tough exterior and practical design.

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Naval architecture by SBF Marine Solutions